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  • Name: SYG266TAB68 Standy Power 680KW 12-Cylinder Diesel Engine Pump Plus

Standy Power 680KW 12-cylinder diesel engines can be applied to the firefighting, high pressure clean, agricultural irrigation and other fields.



Model SYG266TAB68
Bore (mm) 135
Stroke (mm) 155
Compression Ratio 15.1
Displacement (L) 26.6
1h Power (kW) 680
Min. BSFC(g/kW.h) 195
BSFC@Oil Rated Condition (g/kW.h) ≤0.7
Speed Regulating Rate(%) 0-5
Idle Speed (r/min) 700
Rated Speed (r/min) 1500/1800(selectable)
Noise(dB) ≤117
Smoke (FSN) ≤2
Net Weight (kg) 2080
Interface SAE 0#/18"

Type: V type, direct injection, 4-stroke, water cooled.
Admission method: super-charged and inter-cooled
Speed regulation: electronic speed governor.

Dimension figure

Model A H B E L
SYG266TAB68 1205 1198 160 388 745.5

Shangyan Power, is a recognized diesel engine manufacturer and supplier since 1993, offering 680KW water cooled diesel engine for making diesel generating sets. Our company design and manufacture different types of fire protection system 12 cylinder diesel engines as well as provide Standy Power and backup power solutions in specific demands. With engineering team and complete manufacturing equipment for making diesel engines, we make effort to provide quality 12 cylinder internal combustion engine and diesel power solutions for customers.
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