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Shanghai Dongfeng Diesel Engine Institution is a professional manufacturer of 135 series diesel engines, 135 modified products and subsequent auxiliary products (diesel generating set). In the business concept of “People-oriented”, the institution employs high-paying key technicians of all kinds, cultivates a strong technical team, and is kind to the employees to stimulate their passion at work. According to the customers’ requirements, the institution is able to design different stationary, marine and power station diesel engines in line with the international standards.
For the sake of quality, the institution has set up the accessories processing bases in Nantong, Changzhou, Rui’an, etc. to ensure each spare part meeting the acceptance standards. Besides, it also regularly assigns the staff to the long-term spare parts suppliers to inspect the production conditions. Strictly examining each parcel of spare parts, the institution strives to solve any potential problems before them leave the factory.
In the consistent business tenet of “providing the customers with the highest cost performance”, the company sincerely serves the customers with top quality, favorable price, perfect after service and flexible business modes.
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Address:No. 453, Caoxin Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China
Mobile: +86 158 2153 0252 a

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